I, Seyed Hashem Sharifi, was born in the final days of fall 1982. I studied mathematics and physics at high school and then was admitted to faculty of engineering at Islamic Azad University, Arak branch for the field of civil engineering in 2001. While studying civil, I became interested in business, advertisement, information technology (IT) and graphics and followed them simultaneously.After graduation from bachelor’s degree I did not start working in my field of study as I felt that civil cannot be an answer to my very thirst of wanting and knowing. Therefore, I focused my efforts on other fields and in 2005 established Aseman advertisement, information and digital publication institute working on specialized fields of advertisement, public relations and information technology.During its life, this institute provided services to the best brands and businesses. In fact successful experience with this institute is still felt by clients of those years. In 2010, I sailed my small ship from Markazi province to take on new responsibilities in Tehran. Initially, I accepted the position of business manager of commercial breaks for Qom broadcasting organization. Then I started managing public relations and customer relations of Raheno group with focus on admission and broadcasting of commercial ads from state-wide and provincial channels. Also, I was market and customer relations deputy at Zende Roud Construction Holding.Since the beginning of 2014, I started my cooperation with JAM Petrochemical Holding as public relations counseling and then became public relations planning and supervision manager and currently, am in charge of international affairs with focus on events management, holding exhibitions and abroad events.My Sixteen years of activities has mainly be focused on advertisement, public relations, customers affairs, information technology and business with vast amount of objective and tangible experiences in the said areas. My admission to master’s degree in the field of new businesses at faculty of entrepreneurship of university of Tehran changed my whole point of view and showed me new and interesting concepts in the area of new businesses including business model design. Considering the above mentioned experiences, I am so honored to use my knowledge towards success of other organizations.

Seyed Hashem Sharifi

January 2018

No. 27, Nezami St., Tavanir Ave.,Tehran, I.R.Iran, Jam Petrochemical Co.


Me [@] HashemSharifi.ir

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